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Crisis Pregnancy Services

Crisis Pregnancy Services

Mama's House

Home for women experiencing crisis pregnancies.

Services Offered

Life Skills • Crisis Pregnancy • Parenting • Adoption • Supportive Services • Pregnant Women


Mama’s House provides a home for women in crisis pregnancies, those who want to carry their baby to term, but are without support and vulnerable.

At Mama’s House their spiritual, physical, emotional, educational, and vocational needs are addressed. With nurturing support, these moms will be equipped with necessary life skills for competent living whether they choose parenting or adoption.


Confidential Location, Palm Desert, CA 92260 33.6917281 -116.4075854

Service Options

Languages Spoken

  • english


  • For women, 18 years and older, in the Coachella Valley and surrounding communities including Twentynine Palms and Blythe, CA.
  • Women 18 years and younger may call to be referred to other community services.


  • This service is free


  • Adults accepted
  • Accepts women

How to Apply

Any woman who is pregnant and feeling vulnerable should call. If Mama's House program is not the best fit, they can often receive referrals and information for other available services. This includes women younger than 18, as Mama's House is exploring liberation procedures.

Wait for services can vary.

For the residency program, women should be:

  • Vulnerable: no means of support/no place to go
  • Able to provide proof of pregnancy: for example, ultrasound, doctors note, positive screening in office, etc. Staff can accompany applicant to clinic in order to attain proof.
  • Willing to live in accordance with the established rules.
  • Committed to working on self-improvement.