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CalWORKS Temporary Assistance

CalWORKS Temporary Assistance

Riverside County Department of Public Social Services

Temporary financial assistance for families who have lost or had a reduction in their income.

Services Offered

Emergency Assistance • Family Services • Financial Assistance • Temporary Assistance • GAIN


California Work Opportunities and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs) is temporary financial assistance for eligible needy families who have lost or had a reduction in their income. The program is designed to provide families the means to meet their basic needs in times of hardship, while helping them to enter or re-enter the workforce and become self-sufficient.

As part of CalWORKS, the GAIN (Greater Avenues for Independence) program assists participants in identifying and overcoming barriers to employment. Participants are assessed to determine their need for supportive services and appropriate activity assignments. Assistance may include career planning, adult basic education, on-the-job training, and job retention support. .All participants are encouraged to start working as soon as possible in a job that matches their skills and abilities.

The CalWORKs Temporary Assistance program limits adults to 48 months of assistance. However, there are certain exceptions to this rule. Cash assistance is made available through the Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) process. EBT works very similar to a regular bank account with a debit card. Through the use of a plastic card (like an ATM card) and a Personal Identification Number (PIN), a CalWORKs recipient can access their account for a cash withdrawal at any time from a retailer, bank or ATM that displays the EBT logo. The card can also be used for purchases at any store that has an EBT display.


68-625 Perez Rd., Suite 5, Cathedral City , CA 92234 33.7853002 -116.4650662

Service Options

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Spanish


-Families eligible to receive CalWORKs Temporary Assistance must have minor children in the home who lack the necessary support because of the absence, disability, death or unemployment of one or both parents.
-Grandparents or other relatives who are caring for minor children, pregnant women with no other children, and legal immigrants may also be eligible.
-All adults who are able to work will be registered for GAIN.


  • This service is free

How to Apply

Apply in person at a local DPSS Office or online. You must attend a three hour workshop and complete an interview with an eligibility technician. Please bring the following documentation:

-Photo ID for each parent or caretaker in the home
-Social Security cards for every family member for whom aid is requested
-Birth certificates for every family member in the home
-Immunization records for every child under the age of six years for whom aid is requested
-Proof of citizenship or immigrant status, such as a birth certificate or document from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) showing legal resident status.
-Proof of California residency
-Documentation of school attendance status (including school age children)
-Proof of earned and unearned income (e.g., pay stubs, award letters, student loans)
-Utility shut-off notice, eviction notice, or proof of other urgent situation (if applicable) to help expedite the application process
-Proof of value of real and personal property, including the following: registration for each car owned or leased; statements for all checking, savings accounts, investment, and retirement accounts; ownership papers for all real property owned; receipt or bill of sale for all recreational vehicles; documentation of the value of mutual funds, stocks, bonds, trust funds, or cash surrender value of life insurance policies

All adult family members will be photographed and fingerprinted.

For more information, call 951-358-6811 or email

Other Locations

Cathedral City
Program Phone: (951) 358-6811
68615 Perez Rd., Suite 9A
Cathedral City, CA 92234
Cathedral City
Program Phone: (951) 358-6811
68-625 Perez Rd., Suite 5
Cathedral City , CA 92234
Program Phone: (951) 358-6811
44-199 Monroe St., Suite C
Indio, CA 92201
Program Phone: (951) 358-6811
91275 66th Ave., Suite 100
Mecca, CA 92254
Program Phone: (951) 358-6811
91060 Magnolia Ave.
Riverside, CA 92505